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We specialize in DRTV and Brand Response advertising (BRTV), as well as the Production of branding and first-time advertisers. We also offer production for in-house sales and how-to videos as well as awareness ads.

If you are looking to produce a commercial that promotes your brand, whilst simultaneously gathering responses, Bill Carroll Entertainment is the production company for you.

  • Film Production

  • Slow Motion Filming

  • Post Production

  • 5K Drone Filming

  • On-Site Editing/Production

  • Photography

Carroll Media and the Groove Factory are an established creative company based in Central Virginia, specializing in, amongst other things, video production, audio production, and practically anything audiovisual including special effects.

Our experienced team can handle any moving image project from concept to completion (including filming/editing; graphics; producing; lighting design; post-production) which downsizes cost and maximizes efficiency and communication for the project, whatever it may be.

We can provide an on-site camera crew for conferences and other productions such as music videos and promos, adverts, documentaries, informational, promotional, training, and instructional films to suit your requirements. All our camera crews film and edit the video in High Definition, using the latest HDV cameras. Single cameramen can also be hired with equipment for smaller assignments.

Video Editing and Edit Suite For-Hire


Carroll Media and the Groove Factory Studio has a private editing suite and our on-site editing facilities are ideal to travel within the USA. We can provide fast, professional editing ready to show at an event. All video editing and production can be completed in High Definition using the very latest equipment and software right there on-location.

Video and Audio Podcasting

We can provide on-site filming with instant encoding and uploading of the audio or video footage for viewing on-line around the planet. The audio and video podcast production service can be provided in the USA and overseas. Our full edit system can be used to customize the podcast before uploading it to the Internet.

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